Hexa is the working name for an evolving brand concept for a customization platform. Their in-store kiosk allows customers to design custom color schemes and feature sets for active outdoor jackets and vests.

The eye-catching interface is supported by an incredibly robust backend system at the overseas factory that manufactures and ships the jackets to the customer's exact specifications.



Hexa reached out to Mondo Robot for help refining the branding, UX and visual design for their award-winning kiosk. Their production line was ready to go and they had initiated a limited pilot in two stores with an early test interface.

I supported the project in research, UX and strategic capacities. I was supported by in-house production and art direction, as well as external development resources.



User observation

We engaged with users as they tried out the kiosk's early iteration in a retail environment. Observing points of pain and joy, and asking them a set of standard questions throughout the process allowed us to distill insights about their experience in order to focus design priorities.


pipeline analysis

Using analytics data from the two pilot locations, I analyzed conversion data to better understand where falloffs were happening in the sales pipeline. Additionally, we presented social and demographic research about the geographic locations where the kiosks were operating to better understand the unique needs and choices of those populations.


experience flow

As we progressed from study to design solutions, a high-level experience flow looked at key touchpoints in the customer journey to frame up strategic and design objectives.


UX Flow

The entire system, including kiosk design, multiple purchasing pathways, and email communication was represented in a screen flow document. This document captured all screen states and logical relationships between them, and synched to visual designs that we began to develop.



A beautiful new interface presents the product in a premium and easy to use way. 



Design solutions included a robust checkout flow, including new solutions (design and strategic) for payment at the kiosk using a card reader.


The kiosk will deploy to a dozen retail locations in Q4 2018, an advanced pilot as Hexa continues its evolution. We are providing ongoing support to the project, focused on naming and developing the brand identity, followed by expanding the project into a fully responsive design flow supported on personal devices and expanding the product offerings.