Retül Eval

Retül is a specialty wing of Specialized Bikes, owning technologically enhanced bike fittings. Eval is a tablet app that supports professional bike fitters who are using Retül's suite of hardware and software tools.




Retül approached Mondo Robot to create a modular tablet application to support bike shop employees performing a bike fit assessment. Fit is an ever-evolving process, and the app needed to maintain flexibility with the specific assessments and inputs as teams continually refine their fitting process.

I designed all interactions and app structure. I was supported on this project by in-house production and art direction, and an external development team.




Full app functionality

The design documentation included full flow frameworks to capture all the relationships in the app functionality and screen states.



Modular system

To maintain a large degree of flexibility over the specific assessments, I focused  on making a flexible design system that could incorporate content changes at any time. This page explained to the team how to access and utilize the documentation to collaboratively edit content within the UX framework.


Supporting documentation

Having established a design direction with our visual team, I generated a large deck with annotated screen states that thoroughly captured all functionality.



Modular design system


Picking a fit flow

After logging in, users select from a menu of assessment styles

Logging fIts

The fit overview screen gives section breaks to the process, letting fitters find measurements easily for later edits.

Assessment flow

The sections concluded and then were indexed with a review screen for the final checks and editing of rider measurements.

Input styles

Assessments include a variety of information types and relationships, requiring focused UI solutions.