Fox Insight

Fox Insight is a virtual clinical study conducted by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's disease research. Every three months, participants—patients with Parkinson's disease and healthy controls—are asked to complete a Study Visit, consisting of a series of surveys that capture the experience of living with Parkinson's.



MJFF asked us to help in designing the interface and backend for a digital research intiative, driven by their mission to combat Parkinson's Disease. We created a survey interface and information source for the Parkinson's community, designed to capture longitudinal data over an extended period of time.

I led UX on the project. I was supported by an in-house development team, art direction, and project management.




Users first

User interviews and research clarified how much elderly users and those suffering from neurological disorders struggle with visuals and technology.  We developed detailed personas to ground the project in empathy for our target cohort. 



Developing a complex system of experiences, interaction, and databases with a client engaged in serious academic research requires more than page layouts. I was often called upon to create high-level functional documentation to assist client understanding. 

These documents were presented in collaborative workshop meetings and clarified decisions which were reflected back to our development team in the technical spec.



Research informed UI

The design system evolved toward large, easy-to-read fonts, and pages with minimal scrolling.


Interaction designs

Solutions signposted the beginning and end of tasks clearly, modularized surveys at the question level, provided progress feedback, and allowed users to pause and save progress.

The study is live today with over 20,000 participant accounts and ongoing engagement.


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