Boyne Resorts

Uniting the diverse needs of 14 resort properties across the United States, Boyne's new design system provides teams with a flexible, robust, and ecommerce-focused tool kit to built out sites just how they need.

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Boyne's diverse portfolio of resort properties had websites that were all over the map. Our team developed a flexible and unified design system to unify the diverse properties under a consistent, modern brand.

I supported this ongoing process in a strategic/UX role, including content analysis, analytics research and strategy, usability testing and design iteration, information architectures, design system documentation, and CMS handoffs. I was supported by in-house production, development, and art direction, as well as client content and technical leads.



understanding user and resort needs

In early discovery with the Boyne team, we identified common needs between the diverse properties as well as specific requirements for each resort. We spoke with customers and developed a better understanding of their needs. We crafted six persona types to represent the intersection of our research learnings and Boyne's business objectives, and developed design and content solutions around these user's needs.


Global information architecture

Having indexed the broad needs of individual resort properties, we reflected, tested, and iterated on a global IA solution. This work informed the design framework and helped validate requirements at a high level.


user research + usability testing

Early design iterations were tested with actual users reflecting our persona types. I conducted interviews via remote chats and analyzed the results. Results from the testing sessions were correlated and condensed to provide insights about aspects of the designs that were successful, and to identify pain points to address in design iterations.



I built out a suite of analytics dashboards to elevate team sales goals. In these examples, an eCommerce Overview dashboard shows sales data, including overall sales volumes, CPC numbers, and other sales metrics. A User Insights dashboard elevates metrics that give focused insights about the user base.



Supporting resort content teams insured beautifully curated content, impactful storytelling, and streamlined purchasing pathways as the new sites go live. 

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